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Nonlinear Physics and Far from Equilibrium Systems

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Publications Enric Alvarez Lacalle

Papers in refereed journals

Pattern formation and interface pinch-off in rotating Hele-Shaw flows: A phase-field approach
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J. Casademunt and J. J. Eggers
Physical Review E 80, 056306 (2009)

Pinch-off singularities in rotating Hele-Shaw flows at high viscosity contrast
R. Folch, E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J. Ortin and J. Casademunt
Physical Review E 80, 056305 (2009)

Characterization of the nonlinear content of the heart rate dynamics during myocardial ischemia
R. Benitez, E. Alvarez-Lacalle, B. Echebarria, P. Gomis, M. Vallverdu and P. Caminal
Medical Engineering and Physics 31, 660-667 (2009)

Slow and fast pulses in 1D cultures of excitatory neurons
E. Alvarez-Lacalle and E. Moses
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 26, 475-493 (2009)

Global coupling in excitable media provides a simplified description of mechano- electrical coupling in cardiac tissue
E. Alvarez-Lacalle and B. Echebarria
Physical Review E 79, 031921 (2009)

Coriolis effects on fingering patterns under rotation
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, H. Gadelha and A. Miranda
Physical Review E 78, 026305 (2008)

Oscillatory Regime in Excitatory Media with Global Coupling: Application to Cardiac Dynamics
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J.F. Rodriguez and B. Echebarria
Computers in Cardiology 35, 189-192 (2008)

Relevance of dynamic wetting in viscous fingering patterns
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J. Casademunt and J. Ortín
Physical Review E 74, 025302(R) (2006)

Hierarchical structures induce long range dynamic correlations in written texts
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, E. Moses, B. Dorow and J. P. Eckmann
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 103, 7956-7961 (2006).

Molecular model of the contractile ring
D Biron, E Alvarez-Lacalle, T. Tlusty and E. Moses.
Physical Review Letters 95, 098102 (2005).

Viscosity contrast effects on fingering formation in rotating Hele-Shaw cells
J.A. Miranda and E. Alvarez-Lacalle
Physical Review E 72, 026306 (2005).

Low viscosity contrast fingering in a rotating Hele-Shaw cell.
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J. Ortín and J. Casademunt
Physics of Fluids 16, 908-924 (2004).

Nonlinear Saffman-Taylor instability.
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J. Ortín and J. Casademunt
Physical Review Letters 92, 054501 (2004).

Systematic weakly nonlinear analysis of radial viscous fingering.
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, E. Paune, J. Casademunt and J. Ortín
Physical Review E 68, 026308 (2003).

Systematic weakly nonlinear analysis in Hele-Shaw flows.
E. Alvarez-Lacalle, J. Casademunt and J. Ortín
Physical Review E 64, 016302 (2001).

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